7th May 2017             
Recently bought a new full frame camera and another lens.  Looking forward to trying them out on my trip to the Lake District.
15th May 2017 
Impressed with my new purchase.  I think the IQ is excellent.  Take a look at the Spring Lake District photos in My Portfolio                                        
23 June 2017
Just returned from  South Africa. Zimanga private game reserve which is an amazing place for photographers.
15th August  2017 
 Just took delivery of my first photo book entitled "Africa" with images for Kenya and South Africa. I used the Book module in  Lightroom and uploaded to Blurb.
3rd September 2017
Added a new gallery, "South Africa" with some of the images from my book.
14th February 2018
Just completed my book "Vietnamese Days" It is much larger than the Africa book and contains more text about the places I have visited.
10th September 2018 
 I have been working on my next book about Japan which I visited last November.  Hopefully, it should be published fairly soon!
10th October 2018 
I have just completed a major update of my site.  It now includes page grid views. I have also added pages on                                                        Malaysia, Japan and the English Peak  District.  I have also added revised images on other pages.
June 2019 
I visited  Zimanga in South Africa again and had some amazing wildlife experiences.  Will add some more images to the Portfolio
July 2019
Another good tour around Vietnam and a few days in Singapore.
August 2019
New South Africa Photos added
January 2020 
Travelled to Sri Lanka and Vietnam
April 2020 
New gallery added on Sri Lanka and new images added to 'Travel Vietnam'
September 2020
 Finally completed my latest book - 'Japan - A brief encounter with the Old and the New'
December 2020
Making progress on my next book - provisional title ' Highlights of South and East Asia'. This will have much more text than my previous books as I want to put my travels in a historical and cultural context and express some personal views.
March  2022
After two years of restrictions due to the COVID pandemic I travelled abroad for the first time to Cuba
July/August 2022
 Back to Thailand and Vietnam again. I missed them so much. Visited some new places such as Kanchanaburi in Thailand and Cat Ba in Vietnam. I was also re-acquainted with the island of Koh Samui in Thailand after many decades plus many familiar places in north and central Vietnam.
3rd September 2022
New updates to the website including a gallery on Cuba and additional images in the Thailand and Vietnam galleries.
October 2022 
Finally completed my book 'South and East Asia - Reflections of a Traveller and Photographer'. This became a bigger                                               and bigger enterprise after I started it nearly two years ago. I reflected much on the places I had visited and I have                                                    included extensive text.
October  2022 
Visited Turkey  Lots of lovely images. Will update the website and thinking about a new book
January/February  2023 
More trips to Vietnam and Thailand
April 2023
Made a good start on my Turkey book and updated my website with a page on 'Turkey'
June 2023
Returned to Cambodia. The first time since 2009! Longish trip, some new and some familiar sites. After that - Vietnam
November 2023
Visited Jordan. Great place for photography. Felt safe despite the war going on next door!
December 2023
New gallery on Jordan and major update to the Cambodia gallery

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