I began an interest in photography in my early teens. At first it was the scientific and technical side of it that interested me most. I suppose I should have realised at that stage that my professional career would eventually be in science. I spent many hours developing and printing in my make-shift dark room under the stairs.  Jeff, a friend of my father’s, was a very keen, experienced, amateur photographer and he became my mentor.  He introduced me to the local photographic fraternity and allowed me to use his studio. My interest in the artistic side of photography was beginning to emerge. My first serious camera was a twin lens reflex Microcord. I partly funded my hobby by developing and printing films for friends, family and neighbours, and taking wedding photographs and portraits. After I left school , and before I went to university, I had a three-month job with  a large photograph processing firm. After leaving my home in East Lancashire for London to study, my relatively short lived but intense involvement in photography came to an abrupt end.  I did not have access to my darkroom and the popularity of colour photography was growing which presented a major challenge to my meagre darkroom resources. My photographic journey had stalled and although I carried on taking photographs I would characterise them mostly as 'snapshots' of family, friends and holidays.
 My photographic journey was not seriously started again until 2009. I began using single lens reflex cameras again but this time they were not film but digital cameras which presented me with a significant learning curve.  Having said that, learning came easier to me because many of the principles are similar.  I discovered that digital photography reduced the stress factor enormously.  I will never forget those anxious times, years ago, waiting for the film of wedding photos being developed ,with no chance to take the picture again if the film did not come out as expected.
I had now more time to devote to my interests which were photography, travel, walking, wildlife and food. I had previously travelled fairly extensively in Europe while I was working full time but relatively little outside Europe.  It was therefore unsurprising that the countries I have chosen to travel to more recently have been more distant and have been linked to wildlife and cultural experiences, including food. 
My travel journeys and my photographic journey have become linked and have reinforced each other. Over the last few years  I have learned so much about other countries and cultures and my photography has developed enormously. I wanted to share some of my images with others and this is a website for that purpose
This website contains a small sample of images from different locations including Africa, India, South, Central and North America, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, Sri Lanka,  Indonesia, China, Japan and Malaysia.  It would not be complete without some images from my favourite places in the UK: my home in Norfolk, the Peak District and the Lake District which is my favourite walking destination.
Thank you!
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